Streamline onboarding, empower new hires

Enhance retention, boost new hire productivity, and reduce onboarding costs.

Employee retention improvement

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Enhanced onboarding experience

Make first impressions count.

Integrate onboarding with the recruitment process to engage candidates from the moment they accept the job offer, ensuring a seamless transition from candidate to new hire.

Enable the initiation of the onboarding process for both the new employee and their manager with just one click in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), simplifying administrative procedures.

Surprise new employees with an intuitive, user-friendly app that guides them through the onboarding process, starting from preboarding, eliminating the need for emailed handbooks, procedures, and documents.

Continuous engagement and feedback

Keep the conversation going. 

Conduct regular Pulse Check surveys to monitor the newcomer's adaptation and engagement.

Provide continuous access to the knowledge presented in a user-friendly manner and assess understanding through short quizzes, ensuring information is absorbed over time.

Maintain a constantly accessible knowledge base that employees can refer to at any point, complemented by regular monitoring to identify and address any gaps or slowdowns in the onboarding process.

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Personalized onboarding journeys

Create onboarding tailored to each employee.

Define onboarding processes with specific criteria such as location, job position, and type of contract to ensure a tailored experience that addresses each new hire's unique needs and circumstances.

Scale onboarding without losing the personal touch by implementing customizable, engaging, and personalized onboarding experiences based on repeatable process templates that allow for unique welcome messages.

Offer a selection of welcome packs and work equipment through the onboarding app, enabling new hires to personalize their entry into the organization and feel valued from the start.

How will Gamfi boost your organization?


shorter onboarding time


of time saved by managers & HR


higher employee engagement

New hire effectiveness increase

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Improve productivity from day one

Increase the effectiveness of new employees by 50% with well-organized onboarding.

Transform onboarding in your organization by implementing Gamfi's smart automation, customizing the experience for each new hire to ensure relevance and engagement from the start.

Kick-start the onboarding journey even before the official first day, introducing company culture and expectations through engaging preboarding activities.

Upgrade your onboarding with interactive learning tasks, making the process more engaging and effective for knowledge retention and application.

Strengthen culture and communication

Build an informed workforce.

Utilize Gamfi to integrate new hires into your company's culture, ensuring they align with your core values and vision from their first interaction.

Provide absolute clarity on roles, responsibilities, and expectations through structured onboarding plans, speeding up the transition to peak productivity.

Connect new hires with key team members and Buddy early, establishing essential support networks that aid quicker adaptation and effectiveness.

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"With the Gamfi Onboarding application, we effectively educate newly hired employees by tailoring the onboarding scope to their roles."
Zuzanna Brzeska

Zuzanna Brzeska

Talent Development & Learning Specialist, Danone

"The Gamfi Onboarding application has organized and streamlined our onboarding process."
Joanna Sknadaj

Joanna Sknadaj

Recruitment and Employer Branding Specialist, BGK

Time saved

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Cut down onboarding time

Reduce onboarding time by 21%.

Leverage Gamfi as a centralized communication platform to minimize the time new hires spend seeking information.

Deploy Gamfi to automate onboarding procedures, cutting down the average time HR and managers spend on manual operations by 40%.

Adopt microlearning to ensure rapid, efficient knowledge acquisition, helping new hires reach productivity faster.

Accelerate process optimization

Increase onboarding efficiency with integrations, feedback and analytics.

Integrate Gamfi seamlessly with your ATS and HR software, speeding up the initiation of the onboarding process.

Swiftly collect and act on feedback, enabling quick improvements to the onboarding experience.

Apply analytics for ongoing assessment and refinement of the onboarding process, ensuring efficient time use at every step.

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Lower costs

Gamfi employee portal, "Rate your onboarding process!" pulse check survey

Optimize onboarding efficiency

Revolutionize onboarding with automation.

Implement automated workflows to reduce manual HR efforts and administrative costs significantly.

Integrate interactive learning to shorten the training period, saving on training resources and costs.

Transition to digital paperwork to reduce physical resource expenses and streamline employee documentation management.

Minimize turnover impact

Cultivate engagement and reduce turnover.

Initiate engagement before the first day to reduce new hire dropout rates and associated rehiring costs.

Build a welcoming company culture to improve retention and reduce turnover expenses.

Use insights from onboarding data to refine processes, focusing on high-impact activities for continuous improvement and cost savings.

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