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Gamfi platform, Alerts and notification settings

Automated workflows and notifications

Create customizable workflows to automate processes, from preboarding to offboarding. Minimize the work needed to launch and coordinate onboarding processes. All thanks to automation! Forget about manually sent emails and reminders and the need to remember subsequent steps. The Gamfi app remembers every implementation stage and leads it for you!

Processes with automatically released tasks.

Prepare a process once, and scale it to many employees.

Automated notifications about subsequent steps.

Alerts about delayed tasks for employees, managers, and HR.

Workflow personalization

Create processes based on any criteria. Do you need a separate path for B2B employees? Or for remote workers or mothers returning from maternity leave? The application's mechanism will allow you to handle various HR situations and contexts.

Restrict specific actions to dedicated employee locations or custom categories (like department, language, etc.).

Use snippets to personalize communication.

Assign an employee to several processes.

Gamfi platform; conditions panel settings

User Portal

A woman looking at the Gamfi employee portal on the smartphone screen

Everything necessary is always at hand

Provide each participant with an individual portal that suggests the next steps and gathers the most crucial onboarding information. This is where the employee is onboarded, locates necessary contacts, or fills out HR forms. And their supervisor or buddy will find their present tasks.

Self-updating task list.

Contacts to key people.

Handy company knowledge base.

Digital HR forms.

A stress-free journey

Minimize the onboarding stress and disorientation among the onboarded new hires. With just one glance at the progress bar, the employee knows everything: how much is behind him, ahead, and when the first day of work is. Moreover, he sees only current tasks in their portal, so he no longer feels overwhelmed.

Portal as a guide through the entire process.

Implementation progress bar.

Indication of outdated tasks.

A man looking at the Gamfi employee portal on the tablet screen
A woman checking Gamfi employee portal features

Manager and buddy finally have support

The app will guide them through the implementation as well. The manager can quickly check how the onboarding of their charge is going and assign a buddy with one click. The buddy will support the manager and the new person by completing subsequent tasks in their portal.

Tasks related to specific employees.

List of people being onboarded with filtering option.

Progress bars, with the start date of work.

Assigning a buddy or another role.

The possibility of combining roles within one portal.

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Gamfi platform, workflow templates examples

Templates to kick-start the process

You just need basic employee information, a key date (e.g., the first day of work), and the designation of a supervisor. And that's it! Why so fast? Because you'll launch the process based on an existing onboarding template.

Define the template yourself or use our proven suggestions.

Ready-made process templates.

Actions and communications templates (emails, tasks, surveys, etc.).

Preboarding toolset

Gamfi platform; e-mail template editor using snippets

Tools for the start

The journey from accepting an offer to the first day at work is pivotal. Gamfi’s tools are designed to make this transition seamless and engaging for your new hires. By leveraging our suite of tools, you ensure that every new employee feels valued, prepared, and excited about their role from the moment they say "yes."

Personalized & automated welcome messages (email, SMS).

Company culture introductions - interactive content such as videos, quizzes, and digital handbooks.

Streamlined paperwork process - digital forms and e-signatures.

Early access to tools and resources - training materials and company policies.


Gamfi platform; list of tasks in the onboarding workflow

Coordinate tasks for teams and new hires

Our platform allows for the seamless assignment of tasks to both new hires and the internal teams responsible for facilitating their onboarding. By integrating task management into the onboarding experience, Gamfi ensures a smooth transition for new employees and optimizes the workload for HR departments and managers.

Automatic distribution of onboarding tasks to new hires and relevant departments.

Real-time progress tracking of tasks by new hires and teams.

Customizable task lists.

Collaborative task management.

Feedback and surveys

Gamfi employee portal, "Rate your onboarding process!" pulse check survey

Harness the power of new hire insights 

Gamfi empowers your organization to continuously evolve and enhance onboarding by capturing valuable feedback from new hires.

Customizable feedback tools, like surveys and feedback forms.

Real-time feedback collection.

Insightful analytics and reporting to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

Custom roles

A man smiling; text on the photo: "You're a Buddy for a new employee"

Manager, buddy, or perhaps IT support? 

Define the roles your onboarding needs. Assign them to specific individuals, and then allocate proteges, tasks, and application access.

Easy integration of the Hiring Manager, buddy, and others into the process.

Tasks assigned to roles in the process.

Custom roles, e.g., IT support, Payroll, HRBP, you name it.

Automatic granting of application access.

Reporting and analytics

Gamfi platform, list of onboarding processes

All implementations under control

Continuously monitor the progress in processes and the engagement level of all onboarding team members (new hire, manager, buddy, etc.). At one glance, you know who has completed the implementation, who is behind schedule, and who will start work in less than a week.

Monitoring the status of all processes.

Analysis of individual process flows.

List of people starting work within the next 7 days.

View of stages requiring optimization.


Visualization of the data flow in the Gamfi integration with ATS

ATS integration

Engage candidates in the onboarding process when the employment decision is made. One click in the ATS system is enough to start the onboarding process with Gamfi automatically for the new employee and their manager. Pull freshly acquired candidates into the process and minimize the risk of losing them before their first work day.

Onboarding integrated with recruitment.

Initiating onboarding with one click.

Supported ATS: e-Recruiter, Elevato, Traffit

Make app

Make is a powerful automation platform that allows users to connect Gamfi to 1000+ other apps.

No-code integration with 1000+ apps.

Easily connect Gamfi with your favorite software.

Gamfi app in Make marketplace. Examples of integrations with popular HR and office software.
A programmer checking Gamfi API documentation


API simplifies the process of integrating the Gamfi platform with your existing software ecosystem, allowing for real-time data exchange and automation of tasks between systems.

Effortless synchronization - keep your systems in sync, ensuring data accuracy and eliminating manual entry errors.

Design and implement custom workflows that match your organizational processes.

Utilize secure protocols for safe data transfer between Gamfi and other platforms.


Gamfi employee portal - branding examples for Bosch, Danone and T-Mobile

Tailor your onboarding experience

Gamfi's platform enables you to personalize onboarding materials to reflect your company’s unique branding and culture. This ensures a cohesive and immersive experience for new hires, aligning the onboarding process with your organizational identity.

Easily incorporate your company’s logo, color scheme, and other branding elements into onboarding materials.

Tailor content to introduce new hires to your company culture, values, and mission in a way that resonates.

"With the Gamfi Onboarding application, we effectively educate newly hired employees by tailoring the onboarding scope to their roles."
Zuzanna Brzeska

Zuzanna Brzeska

Talent Development & Learning Specialist, Danone

"The Gamfi Onboarding application has organized and streamlined our onboarding process."
Joanna Sknadaj

Joanna Sknadaj

Recruitment and Employer Branding Specialist, BGK


Find answers to common questions about Gamfi, its features, and the onboarding process.

We already have a lot of tools in our company. Does implementing another application make sense?

It's precisely the multitude of tools that operate within a company - and with which new employees are bombarded - that is one of the reasons for their high-stress levels. The intention and purpose of Gamfi is not to replace existing solutions but to create a friendly environment that integrates your company's ecosystem in one place. Gamfi Onboarding lays out the implementation into a transparent path, leading the employee step by step through the various tools and processes - and organizing their knowledge about them.

I'm concerned that my managers will not want to use another application. How can I encourage them to do so?

Gamfi doesn't add to managers' workload; instead, it reduces it. The app automates the onboarding process, sending timely notifications for each step, thus decreasing repetitive tasks assigned to managers. This automation allows for a lighter schedule, with time savings being a key benefit that appeals to businesses.

We don't have our resources or onboarding content. Can we implement the onboarding application?

No worries! The Gamfi application includes ready-to-use onboarding process templates based on best market practices. You'll have access to complete process designs and templates for tasks, message content, etc. You can personalize each piece of content in the template to suit the specifics of your company.

Is the Gamfi application suitable for production workers?

The Gamfi application is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for all user groups, including production workers. It can be accessed through any device, such as a private smartphone or an information kiosk, without downloading or remembering usernames or logins. The access method can be aligned with your organization's mechanisms (e.g., employee email for white-collar workers, employee ID for blue-collar workers). Tasks within the application open in a web browser on the used device, making the application intuitive and training-free.

We are cutting costs; we do not have a budget for such a tool. What in this case?

Purchasing the Gamfi application is a short-term investment that leads to long-term savings. Companies using this tool for automating the onboarding process observe higher employee engagement, reduced turnover in the first year, and decreased time needed for repetitive onboarding tasks over the long run.

We only hire 2-3 new people a month. Do we really need a separate application for this?

Building a positive employee experience and increasing the efficiency of the onboarding process benefits the company, regardless of the number of new hires. We offer flexible pricing models that can be tailored to your needs.

Can we count on the support of the Gamfi team during the application implementation?

We support our clients using our application at two levels. Initially, we assist with configuration, introducing the app's key features. Depending on the package, clients may configure the process themselves using our template library or through meetings with a consultant for setup. In the second phase, we support application usage, offering a support center and chat feedback options. There's also an option for substantive consultation support regarding the onboarding process.

How long will it take to implement the application?

Starting the first onboarding process should take just a few hours. For larger companies with more complicated custom setups, it usually takes 1-6 weeks from the service launch. This is achievable partly due to ready-made process templates that can serve as models for creating your own onboarding process, thus shortening its preparation time. The detailed implementation time always depends on the company's specifics and the onboarding process's scope.

In what model is the application delivered?

The application is delivered as a service model, also known as SaaS (Software as a Service). This model alleviates the client from various concerns, such as maintaining technological infrastructure, security, and compliance with GDPR. Responsibility for these aspects lies with us, allowing you to enjoy access to the application and efficient onboarding processes.

Has the application been verified for security?

The application undergoes regular security tests to assess the technological and organizational measures applied. Additionally, every client has the right to conduct their own tests to verify the security parameters we use.

What conditions must be met to start using the Gamfi application?

To begin the application implementation, it is sufficient to sign an order specifying the parameters of cooperation and accept the terms and conditions set out in the Gamfi service provision regulations.

What does the legal aspect of collecting data on new people who are not yet formally employed look like?

The application is designed to assist the personal data administrator in fulfilling the information obligation and handling user rights, including collecting consent necessary for processing personal data. Our solution fully complies with the regulations on personal data processing.

Do we sign a data processing agreement with you?

Yes, of course! A standard agreement on entrusting personal data processing is an annex to the cooperation agreement.

Who is the personal data administrator of newly hired employees?

The company using the application remains the Administrator of the employees' personal data. Gamfi acts as a data processor, processing data on behalf of the Administrator.

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